Top 10 Ethnic Restaurants Near the U of M Campus

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

The University of Minnesota is known for it’s diversity of students and surrounding the U of M, the restaurants are known for the diversity of food. This top 10 list is the top 10 places that you have to try if you love to try new ethnic foods.

  1. The Himalayan - Grab yourself the Nepalese equivalent of a Chipotle bowl. This rice bowl might be the best you’ve ever had. You get a choice of rice, meat, sauce, and other additions that you can pile into a bowl that you could carry out and eat on the road. If you’ve never given the Himalayan a shot before, it’s time to expand your horizons and taste what Nepal, the little country between China and India, has to offer.

  2. LePot - Taiwan has unique eating customs and a Hot Pot is their favorite. When you sit down at your table, you’ll know immediately that you’re not just in an adventure for your taste buds, but you’re in for an entirely unique dining experience. At this Taiwanese restaurant you’re going to end up cooking your own food. There will be a little burner in front of you and you’ll get to pick your choice of soup broth and contents, which you’ll cook simultaneously while you eat.

  3. Wally's - Mediterranean cuisine is trending big time in the States right now and Wally’s might be one of the most authentic experiences available. Grab yourself a falafel, chicken kebab, or shawarma, the signatures dishes of this middle eastern restaurant. There aren’t any other nearby options for this kind of food, so don’t feel bad about coming back often.

  4. Shuang Cheng's - We’re lucky to have the highest rated Chinese restaurant in all of Minneapolis in our neighborhood. Shuang Cheng’s consistently wins prize after prize for being the best Chinese restaurant in Minneapolis, and you won’t miss it, their awards are all over their wall right when you walk in. The best part is, despite it being the best Chinese food in town, it’s the right price as well. You won’t overpay.

  5. Jambo! Kitchen - On the West Bank of the UMN campus is a new African themed rice bowl. Attached to the center for African Development, this business is supported by the nearby Somali-American community. Thanks to our Somalian friends, we get to enjoy an Americanized version of authentic Somalian food and it is absolutely delicious.

  6. Baarakallah Somali Cuisine - Looking for some Somolian food that is a little bit more authentic? This hole in the wall Somalian kitchen is in the heart of the Somolian neighborhood off West Bank. You’ll find yourself in a simple kitchen eating authentic cuisine with other Somalian neighbors. It’s definitely worth venturing out to if you’d like a more authentic hole in the wall experience.

  7. Kowloon Restaurant - Where do the Chinese people around campus go for their Chinese food? Right here. This small family restaurant is always packed with the chitter chatter of Chinese, because it’s one of the most authentic experiences around campus. If you’re looking for a non-Americanized experience, you’ll surely find it here.

  8. Blue Door - Would it be right to name every culture under the sun and forget about America? This American Grill is famous for the Blucy, a cheese stuffed burger that will melt in your mouth. And of course, in classic Minnesotan tradition, there’s no better pair to a burger than one of our many local craft beers. The tap list at Blue Door will keep your eyes busy while the best burger you’ve ever had keep your hands and mouth occupied.

  9. Haiku Japanese Bistro - A list of cultural experiences wouldn’t be complete without a famous sushi place on it. Located right across from Applebee’s on Washington Avenue, Haiku is the closest and most delicious sushi restaurant on campus. You’ll feel taken away by their culturally decorated interior and it’s nice enough to take someone on a semi-fancy date. Just make sure your date likes sushi first!

  10. Punch Pizza - Famous for Neapolitan pizza, Punch Pizza, is a growing chain local to Minneapolis. Their thin crusted wood oven blazed pizzas are famous around campus and if you haven’t tried it, now is your time. You can choose from one of their many remade selections of pizza, or just like Subway, you can choose your own toppings and make your own.

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