Must-Do Checklist Before Renting A House

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

If you’ve never rented a house before, it can be a daunting affair, but here at Go Gopher Rentals, we want to make sure it’s as easy and straightforward as possible. We have the largest selection of houses and apartments in the Dinkytown and Como neighborhoods and our houses are the most modern and renovated in the entire area.

All you have to do to start the process is book a our on our website and let us know what kind of place you’re looking for (bedrooms and other preferences). We’ll show you around our selections and as we do, you can evaluate them to make sure they meet your standards.

Here’s what you should make sure you’re looking for.

  • Appliances - Are you happy with the fridge, washer, and dryer? What other appliances are included that you need to check out?

  • Neighborhood - Are you in the right place? If you’re a student, then probably yes because you’re close to campus, but what else might matter to you?

  • Pets - Make sure the place you want allows your fluffy friends.

  • Security Deposit - Know how much you’ll have to put down upfront. Remember you get this money back when your lease ends in good condition.

  • Service Plan - We will fix anything that breaks as quickly as possible. If you still have any questions, please ask.

  • Water Pressure - Are the sinks and showers working properly? Feel free to double check our work.

  • Wall / Carpet cleaning - Know that we do a deep clean between renters. You won't have to worry about scuffs or spills.

  • Parking - Parking varies between buildings, but most houses will have no problem finding street parking and many come with a driveway or small parking lot.

  • Ask What’s Included? - Make sure you’re clear on what utilities you’ll have to pay and what’s included with the house.

  • Windows, cabinets, floors, closets, etc - Making sure that these small details look and work like you expect them to will keep you happy throughout the year. If you find that something broke, we’ll fix it before you move in.

Tip: To help you keep all the buildings straight while you tour, make sure to take photos during the apartment tours so you can remember what each place was like.

And lastly, don’t take too long to decide! Whoever signs the lease first, gets the place. During the fall, we’re signing a few dozen buildings for rent every day. Waiting a single day to sign could be the difference between getting the house of your dreams or not.

Book a tour to get started today.

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