Looking For a place in Dinkytown? See Go Gopher Rentals for a large selection of housing.

For a large selection of more modern, newly renovated houses and apartments, book a tour with Go Gopher Rentals.

Go Gopher Rentals has been buying up old houses in Dinkytown, fixing them up, and making Dinkytown pretty again.

Go Gopher is now the landlord of over 100 houses in Dinkytown and Como and is adding on about a dozen new properties every year. If you’re looking for a place to live, then go to the Go Gopher website and use it as the largest search engine of rental properties around the University of Minnesota.

In addition to the houses for rent in Dinkytown and Como, Go Gopher also owns The Cluster on 4th Street, the yellow and black buildings sitting right next to each other in the heart of Dinkytown. The Burrow, a new complex of six townhomes in Dinkytown, which was recently built by Go Gopher. In addition to several other new townhomes all over the Dinkytown neighborhood.

Watch and see rentals in Dinkytown transform into the beautiful, modern townhomes, thanks to Go Gopher rentals building renovated, affordable, housing options around the University of Minnesota.

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