How To Find The Absolute Best Houses For Rent In Dinkytown

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Living in Dinkytown has it’s perks and it’s downsides. There are many houses that are beat down college “trap houses” that have beer soaked carpets, sticky floors, dirty kitchens, and crooked floors. They make for a great place to throw a rager, but a terrible place to live the other six days of the week. If you have higher standards for your living then you’re going to want to look for the newly renovated, modern house, with new appliances, and clean interiors.

Newly Renovated Go Gopher House

College trap houses are typically owned by companies or individuals that bought a property and plan to “milk” as much out of it as possible with as little effort as possible. They don’t hire cleaning crews before you move in, they don’t fix problems, and they only do the bare minimum of maintenance in order to pass the city inspection laws. But those companies are thinking in the short term.

For those who DON’T want that, rent from Go Gopher.

Go Gopher Rentals is the company in town that tears down old trap houses and builds new, modern building in place of them. Go Gopher Rentals is making Dinkytown and Como pretty again. With over 100 properties in our arsenal from single bedrooms to six bedroom houses (or more), we have the largest selection of properties. Best of all, they are freshly renovated, newly updated, and modernized often to keep you living in a place that you can call home.

But in order to get one of the newly renovated houses in Dinkytown or Como, you need to stay on your toes. The secret to getting the place that you want is all in timing. The nicest houses always sell out first. Oftentimes, Go Gopher Rentals will sell out of houses as early as November, leaving nothing but the trap houses left for rent. Make sure that you stay on top of the game and start asking about next year’s housing as early as September. Tours will start as early as October and by November we may be completely sold out.

Ask about what’s available at or go to the Go Gopher website and Book A Tour to see what’s still available. Happy shopping!

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